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You are interested in participating the iba27 process ? This is a website made by a participant of the iba27 PLENUM which is the citizens participation formate of the iba27-process.This is not an official website but a personal view on the ongoing considerations and activities. Please have an eye on this tiny website.It is worth time...

The official website you find here:  IBA 2027





Recently  I realized an charming view on architecture, planning ... What happens "once mice plan towns ?". Or ants, birds, bumblebees or fishes....

What are  your phantasies on that sujet ? It is not necessary to create SERIOUS STUFF but it is wellcome too...

Seriously, planning cities or quarters from the  species point of view might be a remarkable approach to creating a naturebased city ? Here the planning process beginns with an explizite nature citizens attitude: What species shall form the new human/species neighbourhood.

while the mice and town story gets fixed you might put an eye on this and that...




The urban ape ?

We will not head back to the tops of the trees but see picture futurecity in the galery  and  the inspiring website of  Andreas Wenning




what has a

busstop to do with biodiversity and urban culture?

contributed by  Peter, Nürtingen

in german language



landscapes, towns and the

mitigation to climates changes

by Peter, Germany


UNESCO-world cultural heritage historical watermanagement

congratulations and celebrations

for the City of Augsburg, Germany


textile technologies  but no fashion, recommended  by Nikolay, Germany


Heritage is an essential basis of all future directed considerations and plannings.  These heritages are to be discovered in agriculture and landscape, technology and science, architecture, the art of thinking, poetry, arts and last-but-not-least in modern times social-cultural concerns and humanity. Here in particular I announce the knowledge on citizens participation, or even a new in general science of participation.


Sir Norman Foster... obout heritage, design and futures


"the heritage loop"...let us think and learn more together on a heritage approach for any plannings... by Peter, Germany


biocultural... learn more on that exciting point of view on the relations between social/linguistic- and biological diversity


 Learn more on human habitats, regenerative food, energy and water by Leo from the icy lands...

 a lawn and order misery...

 ...interaction of man and enviroment...by Peter, Marcus, Waltraud and friends... be lucky or damn it - it is in german language

 ...zomes...on the recommendation of Adela, Cluj/ Romania


Peter's post...

Farms, cities and heritage

On facebook and written in german language. Englsh following a bit later :-)



public sustainability score for locations

pussl ! something new? wel proof it and develope commonly

recommended by Peter/ 6.1


travel and more...

recommended by Region Stuttgart Tours Inc.


for heavens sake ! what is a

democratic landscape ? ...after a conversation with Nick from the US


challenges, more challenges,

complex challenges

thanks to Stacy from the US


bmuc meets african urbanity

after a facebook-post by Pit from Germany


Stadtlücken...mit jeder Menge Inhalt, from Stuttgart,Germany



and the role of soil...

via a facebook-thread passed by Frithjof, Germany  unfortunately in german language only



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