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You are interested in participating the iba27 process ? This is a website made by a participant of the iba27 PLENUM which is the citizens participation formate of the iba27-process.This is not an official website but a personal view on the ongoing considerations and activities. Please have an eye on this tiny website.It is worth time...

The official website you find here:  IBA 2027


a song of love and blue...
little funny butterflies
are dancing in the skies
some turn right and some float left
another one fly's high
the skies are blue
and so am I
but anyway forever
I love you
sung by Peter from Nürtingen,Germany



...  humanity, ecology and arts are the first and strongest drivers of all sustainable economizing says Peter, Germany





A fisherman is drifting, enjoying the spring mountains, 
And the peach-trees on both banks lead him to an ancient source. 
Watching the fresh-coloured trees, he never thinks of distance 
Till he comes to the end of ...

 Wang Wei


Videoart by  Adela Muntean 

Garden Sculpures - The Garden of The Soul


poetry by Peter

der himmel über st.laurens


tief,  blau

mit grauer watt'

ein mauerseglerhimmel

weit und sanft dahin


schwindeln macht's

da laurens' turm

ins blaue steigt

den dohlen und falken



machtvoll und streng

den menschen

doch zärtlich dem getier


about St.Laurentius in the town of Nürtingen, Germany . See the picture of StlLausetius' tower in the galery



urban biodiversity as a matter of design ? is that what

Sir Norman Foster says ?

by bmuc


...who,  for heavens sake, is

Eduard Mörike

to meet his work follow this


economizing is our culture too !

have an eye on the documents second departement ...

contributed by Peter, Germany



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