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Wellcome !

to this startup - portalwebsite 

biodiversity-meets- urban-culture.org

This site intends to become a source for information, education and exchange concerning aspects of biodiversity, social diversity/participation and urban culture in general in the 

Region Stuttgart area.




  and make it possible...

You are interested in participating the iba27 process ? This is a website made by a participant of the iba27 PLENUM which is the citizens participation formate of the iba27-process.This is not an official website but a personal view on the ongoing considerations and activities. Please have an eye on this tiny website.It is worth time...

The official website you find here:  IBA 2027


What is necessary to develope a citizens partizipative strategy for more perceptible urban biodiversity? I look forward you participating a transnational citizens plattform project heading to be part of the iba27 process. Please contact me via e-mail.


contributed by Peter, Germany



participate thaughts and visions on local and regional  sustainability in the Region Stuttgart area,

found in

Nürtinger STATTzeitung

 please look at  BAUEN



about"Das Mörike - Projekt"

A tiny contribution along  the NÜRTINGER ENERGIETAGE 2019 gave the idea for

a generation-spanning project in the concerns of iba27.

Background :

The MÖRIKE-school is a internationaly visited primary school in Nürtingen. There kids from 40+  nations are studying and do some practical exercises in crafts, creativity and social skills. Some pupils of the Mörike-Schule Nürtingen participated a 2 days  upcycling activity. We have built a  kind of vertical garden für the Mörike school garden. See the pictures nr.1 and nr. 9 at the Bildergalerie aside.

We  intend to generate and spread out the City-Kids/Mörike - Projekt for the Region Stuttgart as a common and regular chance for kids social learning mainly around creative, biodiversity and constructional themes... for many of the activities the helping mind and hand of an adult person might be necessary . So the Mörike-Projekt shall be also a kind of

a generation-connecting festival

 Eduard Mörike About


You are interested in that MÖRIKE-Projekt ? Feel free to contact me. We start fixing it for next year ( tiny program ) probably during this autumn .

Call me under 00491772521002



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