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actuality 29.4.2021


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Nowadays possiby the most biodiversity habitats exist in a cultural, a social context. 

"Culture drives species" we say and so social diversity influences biological diversity. Why not use that for a common, a partizipative pathway of biocultural access ?

 What about partizipation - based strategies for sustainability and more perceptable urban biodiversity ?

So have a look around...



This website was funded to collect, spread and support news on the social ecologic aspects of urban culture. It has some thematic links to iba'27 workgroups but is not an official media




this site runs by citizens personal engagement for the Region Stuttgart.

Let me say ... we want to partizipate and drive the developement of our communities ( 179 ! in the Region Stuttgart ) concerns under a deliberately accepted sustainability rule. Therefore we favorize a kind of cultural economical manifesto discussed and ratified by a  partizipative conference of regional stakeholders. That might take a while of preparing.

One particular feature of this  portal is a so called heritage approach - considering the regions heritages both, natural and cultural,  as major ressources for innovation and welfare.

We recognize the particular role of sustainable exchange between human and enviroment in the welfare of the Region Stuttgart. We link our social-cultural, ecological and economical efforts saying

"Economy is our culture too ! "

contributed by Peter, Nürtingen




  and make it possible...

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